Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alex said . . .

Recent TV has has some hum-dinger lines lately.  I'm loving this one, from Parenthood, where you'll find me on Tuesday nights at 9 pm:

In a meeting with Hattie's parents, Alex says:

"i'm solid.
i want you to know i'm solid.

you go down the road you go down when you are younger. 
you learn what you can from watching . . . imitating what you see that's in front of you.

but when you grown up you get to make your own choices.
choices that define who you are.
your morals.
what you'll stand for . . . and what you'll fall for . . . "

I must have rewound it a half dozen times.  And not just to peck it into my phone.  Because it was brilliant.  What a phenomenal opening conversation to have  . . . wow.

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