Friday, January 28, 2011

Toasters and Microwaves

Last week, the toaster died.  Died.  Dead.  No umph left.  It was a hectic school morning and I had eggos on the menu.  Or toast.  And then there was no toaster.  I suddenly felt breakfast challenged.  Not enough milk for cereal.  No muffins ready.  Nothing to microwave.  Not enough time for an egg-type breakfast.   Later that day, I stood in the toaster row feeling totally overwhelmed at the options.  And very toaster dependent.

Last night, the microwave started making a funny noise.  Sort of a prelude to an I'm-gonna-blow-up noise.  It made it through the last 20 seconds of strenuous work and then died.  Dead.  No umph left.   And this morning, french toast (sticks, reheated) were on the menu.  Damn the luck. 

What a dependent I am!  These modern conveniences are life-juggling staples for me.  No microwave?  A moody toaster?  I might as well light a campfire in the back yard and fashion a chamber pot!

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Homestead said...

That's why we have a $60 Target special nuker eating precious counter space at our house... the built-in is dead. The real kicker is we can't even take it out and put the cheap one in the hole because the FREAKIN oven controls are on the built in.

Also. Dead microwave=no auto oven clean controls. You know how I cook. I need that option.