Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Pie Taste-Test

Every Thanksgiving AND Christmas, we ponder this question . . . . "which recipe was it that we liked??"

We gather all of the stuff to make pumpkin pies.  It's Middle's job and has been for a couple of years now.  And I recall buying evaporated milk and all kinds of different things, but I can never quite remember which is which.

So, this year, Middle made pumpkin pies three times over.   We conducted the first ever (and hopefully last) Great Pumpkin Pie Taste Test.  It was also the makings for a great science fair project -- but we didn't think of it before pies were in the oven!

She followed recipes for Kuner's Traditional Pumpkin Pie, Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie & Perfect Pumpkin (one that I'd been holding onto in the recipe box.)

All in all . . . the amount of pumpkin is the same.  Give or take a pinch, the spices are all similar.  The big difference is the milk. 

Kuner's = milk
Libby's = evaporated milk
Perfect = sweetened condensed milk (but no sugar)

Notes:  Kuner's is darker and looks like it'd be more spicy.  Libby's smells the best in the uncooked state.  Libby's also looks kind of lumpy and chunky.  Not that pretty in the batter form.  Perfect looks pretty and smells wonderful.   Kuners' doesn't bake as promised . . the others work out pretty nicely.

All of the pumpkin pie eaters in our house tasted.  Then, we packed up a few sliced, labeled them and shared with family friends.

The results are in . . . . the winner in OUR house is PERFECT PUMPKIN PIE -- the recipe from the very back of the recipe box.  It was delicious!!  Smooth, creamy, set up well and perfectly spicy.  In our house, Libby's was a second place winner.  It was smooth and set well.  It cut nicely and served up like a magazine.


3Js said...

Can you post the perfect pumpkin pie recipe? It's the big guy's job each Thanksgiving. He would appreciate a good recipe :)

Homestead said...

I like pie. There's always room for pie.

Genrefluent said...

Nice blog. Any chance you still have the Kuner's recipe. That is the one my family likes the best but I lost it and haven't been able to find it again. Thanks.

Elle said...

I probably do have it . . . but as I recall, it's right off the can of Kuner's . . Still, I'm happy to look for you . . .

Genrefluent said...

Thanks, I did find it. I usually buy Kuner's but didn't find any in the store last week. I always just used the recipe off the can. Turns out I saved a label some years ago (like 15 or so) and stuck it in a journal.