Sunday, January 09, 2011

2011 Resolutions

I'm one of the crazies out there that really likes resolutions.  While preparing for this post, I went back through all of my previous resolutions posts to see how things are coming.  Guess what . .  I've not changed much.  I still like all the stuff I wrote about resolutions, me and my goals.  That's happy to report. 

I don't do JUST one resolution most times.  Most years, I look back and see what fellby the wayside.  A new year's resolution includes picking up the pieces and creating emotional order. 

I have a few things this year that I'm sharing with all of blogger-dom:

1.  I resolve to grow thicker skin.
2.  I resolve to do a better job flossing.
3.  OHIO.  This my personal method of home organization.  Only Handle It Once.  It's a lifestyle . . and I'm continuing to practice.  Also, I resolve to go as paperless as possible.
4.  Body, exercise, diet, boobs & curves.  I'm still working on accepting and living with my body.  Last year was good, and living pain free after back surgery has certainly helped get me to the gym and create a calorie deficit.  Deep down, there's a goal -- an "I'd like to lose 10 pounds", but I'm also okay like I am.  Losing those last ten pounds doesn't invade every thought and the fear of NOT losing those last ten pounds doesn't keep me out of social situations.  This year's goal for health and fitness:  make good choices.  That's it.  Do the right thing for me.
5.  Cut and pasted straight out of last year's list:  I'll continue to purge negativity . . . people and their energy from my life.  In the unfortunate circumstance where I MUST deal with bad energy, I'll do my very best to leave the situation balanced & centered. If my kids are involved, I resolve to use it as a teachable moment and speak the truth into them.
6. I'll make the trip to see my dad as many times as possible this year.
7. I'll concentrate on the people and things I love. I'll grow my garden, train my dogs & be absolutely real with my friends.   I'll limit involvement with social media so that my FREE time can be spent sharing coffee and conversation instead of clicking "update status."  I will not be a slave to email.
8.  Also right out of last year, mostly becasue it worked . . . but also becasue it's good practice:  On money.This year, I'll add money to savings every month. I'll recover the cash spent on time-sharing. I'll be better about saving the receipts for flex spending and I will submit them on time.   I'll make at least one extra mortgage payment.
9.  I will give back . . .
10.  On Mimi  . . . I will support her transition into preschool with the enthusiasm and uniqueness that she deserves.   I will color with her and play dollies.  I will make time for her needs.
11.  On Little . . . I will both embrace and protect his need for spontaneous jedi rolls and making sound effects for various weaponry.  I will not be upset that spit flies out of his missing teeth holes at sound effect time. This too shall pass.  I will love that little man from deep in the center to as far as I can reach every single day. 
12.  On Middle . . . I will support her transition to competitive gymnastics.  I will do her hair.  I will understand sore muscles, tired bodies and stress over homework.  I will balance her sporting life with books and down time and will concentrate on making opportunities for her to be a child.
13.  On Big . . . I will breathe deeply and count when her pre-teen attitude shows its ugly head.   I will communicate with her every day.  I will tuck her in, hug her and share secrets.   I will embrace her dramatic side and teach her to identify and label her emotions and understand the WHY.   I will stand beside her, let her lean on me, or carry her, if needed, as she transitions into her middle school mind and body.
14.  On parenting . . . . I will live by example, even (and especially) in the face of judgement and scrutiny.  I will put into practice these phenomenal tips on parenting gifted children.  I resolve to understand and teach the people around me that their battle is not the same as mine . . but they are both battles.
15.  I resolve to read.
16.  I resolve to CHOOSE happiness.
17.  I resolve to be the best wife that I can be.
18.  I resolve to appeciate, communicate and negotiate.

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Great thoughts... thanks for sharing.