Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Weekend . . .

The weekend update is an ongoing game between me & Homestead.

Last weekend went like this:

Friday, I spent ALL day at school for the kids.  Annual field day, so I was there wearing my parent hat . . . supporting my own children, taking their picture doing ridiculous things like stuffing balloons and themselves into giant white hazmat suits, and doing a relay with five other kids.  Good fun.  Middle and Big had field day in the morning.  Little was in the afternoon rotation.  MOTH came along too . . .

So, we packed lunches for seven, sunscreen, hats and all the extras and did field day.  Friday was also Dot-delivery-day.  Dot, our California king snake, is the new class pet for Mrs. Weaver.  Yeah.  MOTH took her in, did the snake talk, let her eat three defrosted pinkies, set up the tank.  Good news.  And good riddance.  I can use the space on Little's desk.  

For part of the morning, I manned the sno-cone machine at the snack station.  Mimi bopped around rotating with Middle and playing in the parachute, then rotating with Big and being doted on by all her 5th-grade, top-of-the-school friends.  She was in heaven.   And she ate sno-cones.  Like three in the morning session.

We had lunch with ALL the kids.  I was brilliant enough to pack a picnic blanket (thank you, Thirty-One for the awesome, portable picnic blanket & thermal tote!)  Little's class came through.  He and two buddies sat on my blanket and shared cheetos with Mimi.  Two little girls tagged along, too.  It was cute.  Middle's class came next.  Five girls on my blanket teaching Mimi to say "Mississippi".  Big's class was last . . . five more not-so-little girls on my blanket sharing pickles with Mimi.  Priceless.

After lunch, Mimi made the field day circuit with MOTH and Little while I manned the "school store" . . . here's a stroke of teaching brilliance.  In Middle's class, the kids earn scholar dollars.  They can earn scholar dollars for any number of things . . . . good deeds, great papers, extra effort.  In addition, at the beginning of the year, there was a job posting board.  Each kid had to write a resume and apply for two positions.  The arrived for a face to face interview and waited to see if they got the job.  Great life skills.  Each kid ends up with a job in the classroom.  Middle is the Class Manager.  There is a personal assistant, carpet care technician, mastery mathmetician, mountain language engineer and cubbie clerk.  Pay can be docked or not paid at all for poor performance.  Each week, every child pays rent for their desk & coat hook including taxes.   They have to have money in savings at all times.  Each job is salaried, and paid weekly by the Class Manager.    The kids then get the opportunity to spend money in the class store . . . which is stocked completely by other people's trash.  We mostly move shit from one house to another . . . but seriously, many of the boys are paying $200 scholar dollars for an off-cast batman die-cast that Little didn't want anymore.   Silly bands are a hot, hot purchase and go for $25 each.  (Okay, so I jack the prices up . . . you have to understand that there are NO one's and very few 5's.)  Last week, the roof of the classroom fell in and the kids all had to pitch in to repair the roof AND they took a class vote to purchase insurance.  Nice.

Okay . . . after school on Friday, we shuffled home and fell down. 

Until 5:30 . . . gymnastics.
6:30 . . . volleyball
7:30 . . . MOTH's parents came over for pizza. 
Bedtime was such sweet surrender.

Saturday morning, we debated an air show, but decided to play in the back yard.  I pulled weeds and planted some ornamental grass that Lowe's had on clearance for $1.22.   We did the school beautification day at 10.  MOTH spent an hour whippersnipping.  I directed traffic.  Middle cruised around with Mimi and took pictues of the volunteers for yearbook.  Big set up camp under a crabapple tree and cut down all the suckers.  Little imagined invaders were in the school and mostly ran around with a stick.   12:15 . . soccer games for Middle and Little.  Middle was subbing for her old team.  She hated it.  It made her gymnastics decision look damn good.  MOTH coached Little's team to a victory. 

Home.  Snack.  Recorded Survivor.  Mimi napped.  Everyone else showered.  Then, a CC hockey game at 6.  Good fun.  They won.   Home.  Bed.  Sweet, sweet, bed.

Sunday . . . up late and lazy morning.  MOTH got called to work, even though he wasn't on call.  Hmmm.  Brought donuts home from breakfast.  Happy children with chocolate faces.  Broncos at 11.  I went to Target for grocery run with Mimi and Big.  Much easier, not Olympic sport caliber.  Big is super helpful.  She fed Mimi tic-tacs while I thought through what I REALLY needed.  Home.  Unload.  Back in the car for Big's open gym at a new club-level facility.  Two hours of drills . . . she held her own & I think she has a shot.  Who-hoo.  Home again.  Grilling for dinner.  Not hungry.  Feed the kids.  Bathe.  Clip nails, condition hair.  Read books.  Bed, sweet, sweet bed.

Then, that realization . . . . tomorrow is Monday.  Eeek.


reece said...

Um, can we go back to, "Last week, the roof of the classroom fell in..."

Elle said...

. . . Reece . . in theory, in theory . . . . it's a learning experience. The roof didn't REALLY fall in. However, if the Bad Three pass on the ballot next month, more than the roof will be hurting at THIS public school!