Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My son . . .

My son had homework tonight.  Genuine, true-to-life, 1st grade homework.

The assignment:  make a list of things that come in pairs.

He sat up at the bar like a big boy.  I served him an after school snack, fetched him a piece of lined paper and a sharp pencil.  He began writing and snacking.  Long minutes past.  My curiousity churned.  I was dying to peek over his shoulder and see what he came up with.  He kept writing.  And kept writing.  And kept writing.

Finally, he looked up, smiled and pronounced his "done-ness." 

"Great!!", I hollered, and began pouring on the praise.  "Let me see what you wrote."

And there, in 1st grade writing.  Perfectly imperfect, he had written:

a par uv boobeez
a par uv buttcheecz
a par uv bolls

Yeah.  We had to re-work that assignment.  But, on the up-side.  He's really familiar with anatomy and will make a great physician.

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