Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holy Bear Shit, Robin.

It's a bear.  Here's how the pieces have come together.

Preface:  We live in suburbia.  There really SHOULDN'T (in a logical line of thinking) be bears in our neighborhood.  But . . .

Evidence 1:  Mama and two cubs spotted in neighborhood next to ours.  It shares a common greenbelt with a creek.

Evidence 2:  Trash tipping.  Mutliple dumpsters on our street alone.  Ours, for instance, was pulled out, turned around and tipped.  It would take a team of 6 foot racoons to accomplish that.  When I went to clean it up, the entire contents was SHREDDED.  Again, it would take a gaggle of coons to accomplish that kind of demolition.  Not even a pack of magpies.

Evidence 3:  Yesterday morning, the most enormous pile of foreign crap in our front yard.  Clearly not of canine-lineage.  It looks like a giant, poorly cooked bundt cake -- with lots of berries and seeds.

Alert to the neighbors.  Secure your trash.  Watch your youngsters, cats & small dogs at twilight and daybreak.  Bring in your birdfeeders. 

Even knowing all of that, I'm DYING to SEE it.  I want to lay eyes on it. Would it be so bad to set up a camera and leave a ribeye on the front lawn?

No, I'm not joking.


Christal said...

Having lived in Alaska. Please don't set the ribeye out. Bears can be really pesky (and destructive.)

But your post reminded me of the set of photos of black bears on the new kid's playset that was being e-mailed around. Have you seen it?

Christal said...

Here's a link to the bear cub photos.

Homestead said...

Now you have your own Bear Poo Flats! In your yard!

I haven't seen any bear sign at our house this year... usually they are raising hell with the choke cherries.... but they must have gone south to your house instead.