Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frickin' Ouch.

It's been a good stretch of months.  Like a light bulb has come on . . . "ah, this is what it's like to live pain free."  No pain meds, no morning stiffness, being able to workout on a consistant basis.  I've felt great. 

So Wednesday afternoon, when a familiar twinge came around totally out of the blue, I was shocked.  And Thursday, when that little twinge increased in intensity and started shooting down my leg, I was horrified.  By Thursday night, when I couldn't stand, had a hard time laying down and definately could not sit . . . I was beginning to panic.  Friday morning, I called my doctor. 

An MRI on Monday will confirm his suspicion.  He thinks I herniated a different disc at a different level.   I'm so devestated, I haven't even cried yet.  I am in total denial.  Shit, damn, crap & son of a bitch.

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