Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The -bodies

Mimi likes to include everyone. All the "buddies" is how it comes out most times. She has a Dr. Seuss-like language all of her own. It goes like this:

AirBuddy - that's not the movie with basketball playing golden retrievers. That's everybody.
MooBuddy - that's the dog
YouBuddy - that would be you, as in whomever she is speaking to
WhoBuddy - that's when asking a question

Yesterday, we were sitting at the kitchen bar for lunch. Moose really wanted in, but I had just done the floors, so he was gazing longingly through the window at Mimi.

I said, "look who is watching you!"
Mimi says, "it's MooBuddy looking at YouBuddy, that's WhoBuddy . . . He always looks at AirBuddy!"

That was a mouthful!

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