Saturday, February 28, 2009

I retract . . . and . .

I might (I'm still a bit undecided) have to retract a previous post about Jenny McCarthy and her Mother Warrior book.

I watched her on Oprah last week. Much better on Oprah than in her book. Much more open, and more clear, less name-calling than I previously thought. She spoke well . . from a place of education and built a good platform. She clarified her Mother Warrior business. I'm still not sold on HER . . but I get what she's trying to do.

Most amazingly, Oprah & Jenny spotlighted this mom that had to have all of her limbs (yes, all . . no lebs and no arms, folks) amputated shortly after birthing her 2nd daughter. Ok, THAT is a mother warrior . ..

In the segment that Jenny presented, she said something totally profound, about "accepting what IS". It was a light bulb moment for me. I can't help but think of my in-laws. I must accept "what is". I liked it. Enough to check out the book. I'll tackle it in March. March, which, by the way is only 2 hours away!! What DID I read in February? Oh, right . . those books that convinced me that I'm 1/3 human, 1/3 vampire and 1/3 werewolf.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Where does it go?

The money, I mean. Where does it go? Remember when the b-word used to me a female dog . . but you used it in context of the wicked chick in organic chemistry that had all the answers??

The b-word . . . Budget. Buh-huh-huh-duh-jet.

I read an article this week that sums up a survey of 600,000 families . . . average spendings are:
$1,126 for rent/mortgage
$563 for travel and/or public transportation
$160 for gifts/donations
$590 for dining out
$346 for financial advisors
$123 for entertainment
$158 for gas and fuel
$859 for bills and utilities
$622 for shopping

I'm not sure how we stack up to taht . i'm gonnna figure it out in all my spare time (yes, that was a joke) this week. I'm curious . . .

Are you? Are you trimming the fat or procrastinating? If you are trimming . . tell me what's on the chopping block . . .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She's got T-A-L-E-N-T!!

I awoke to this . . . . (rated G)

And the voice that came with it said, (in a tiny scratchy "I've-been-sick-this-week-voice") . . . "Momma, can I borrow the hammer?"

And my eyes shot wide open.

I suppose if he's feeling well enough to be up, wearing his bomber jacket, snow gloves, boxers & mis-matched socks . . . he's on the mend!!

My tiny troubadour . . .

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE musical toys. Strategically placed . . . they tell me the exact whereabouts of the wandering child at any given moment. The ball popper lives by the front door. The sit and spin (much as I despise it's music) is in the TV room, there's music on the saucer upstairs.

But, my tiny troubadour is mobile now . . . follow the sound of the tiny piper . . . .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I spent a bunch of time this week organizing recipes. I have recipe cards. And I have a book. And I have some cookbooks. I have a new acquistion: The Campbell's Soup Recipe Card Collection (yeah, so the real draw was the collectable metal tin.)

Anyway, midway through it . . . right at the point where it was more mess than progresss, more piles than pitch, I had a moment of clarity.

Me . . . having . . . such . . . a . . . collection . . . of . . . recipe . . . .cards . . . is . . . like . . . a . . . double . . . lower . . . leg . . . amputee . . . having . . . a . . . collection . . . of . . . shoes.

Friday, February 06, 2009

January Book List

I'm forever in a discussion with people about books. What are you reading?

Here's what I read in January. Some for me. Some with the kids. Some pre-reading for content before the big girls get to solo-read.

Tuck Everlasting . . Natalie Babbit
The Glass Castle . . Jeanette Walls
Hank Zipzer . . books 1-3 . . . Henry Winkler
The BFG . . Roald Dahl
The Twits . . Roald Dahl
The Book of the Dead . . . Patricia Cornwell
Heartland . . . (can't remember the author but it has an apple on the cover.)
Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (we started in January)
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets . . . JK Rowling

My stack for pre-reading is ever deep right now. I'm in a precarious situation with an avid reader. A third grader reading at 7th grade level. But 7th grade stuff has a touch more love and kiss, period & growth than my tender one is ready for . . . . ah, Judy Blume . . .

February's list will kick off with the Twilight series. It's the 5th day of the month and I just finised the 2nd book. Got sucked in, I did.

What are you reading?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obsessed with . . ..

What are you obsessed with?

Organizing? Finding balance? Figuring out your new blackberry? Keeping in touch with old boyfriends? How about having babies . . .

This juicy tidbit, directly quoted from:

" . . . . that the picture emerging of their mother is that of a woman who's been fixated on having babies. "

Huh? Huh? 14 kids to a single mom who is a mere 33 years old. All kids under 7. This mom lives with her parents. Huh?

I will be the first to admit and having the lot that I'm currently parenting has been a very effective deterrent to actually losing weight or dieting . . but . . seriously . . . .is it possible to be fixated on having babies? Like this, I mean . . . I'm not talking about infertility. I'm not talking about a desire. I'm talking about invitro fertilization . . .. I'm talking about IVF for this situation?

And, so as not to appear so horrible and inconsiderate . . . congratulations!! I'd secretly love to have 14 children (just not 8 at the same time!!)

My favorite holiday. NOT!!

Just around the corner . . . I can feel the sickeningly sick, lovey-dovey, sappy-crappy irresponsible waste of family money coming.

I HATE Valentine's Day.

Wait . . let me regroup and rephrase . . .

I love loving people.
I love having people to love.
I love that people love me.

I'm also painfully practical and HATE, HATE, HATE seeing a five dollar bill, a ten, a twenty . . . heck, all of those in combination, essentially burned at the stake for the purpose of flowers, candy and cards. I'll break it down like Homestead.

Flowers . . . I've said it before, and I say it again. I PREFER MY FLOWERS WITH DIRT AROUND THE ROOTS. I'll take an I OWE YOU for a nice gallon size shasta daisy come perennial planting time. That will save us (since it is the family wallet) about $50 including delivery fees. And, it will make me infinately more happy.

Cards . . . do NOT spend $3 on a mushy, sappy card that is a waste of paper, trees and resources. And for God's sake, don't mail it across town. Save the stamp. Be fiscally responsible.

Candy . . . Hello??? Has anyone seen the array of weight loss aids in my cabinet? Don't bring me candy. I don't want candy. Bring me a protein bar. It illustrates to me that you are listening to me and understanding my needs . . and shows me that you are just as dedicated to my body-happiness as I'm trying to be.

Lingerie. No more to say. I'll frickin' kill you.

Dinner. We'll go out another night. I despise crowds and prefer to shut in on most nights. VD is no different. Let's watch the regular TV lineup. If you really want to dazzle me . . . throw a little pillow talk my way come bedtime (unless I'm reading the Twilight series . . in which case . . SHHH . . I'm reading!)

Kids. Now we're talking . . . I'll make cards and cross reference class lists. I'll have a hey-day with that. With a smile on my face & a song in my heart. Little is working on his Ironman "Val-um-times". Middle is (you guessed it) making lovliness from an array of doilies and construction paper. Big is doing a homemade version, too. She really favors tape . . . . so I'm sure it will be very, er, um, securly fastened. They all have take-home work for this weekend that includes designing their own valentine recepticle. This will be great fun. So far, we have design plans for a robot and a dollhouse . . . from kleenex boxes & toilet paper tubes, of course.

And there you have it . . . VD in a nutshell . . . But what's your preference? Anyone out there that really LOVES the flowers and candy routine? Tell me. Walk me through it . . I want to know.

My budding baker . .

Middle received the gift of her dreams from the fat man in the red suit. It was the object of all her affections for the weeks leading up to Christmas morn.

When it was, indeed, under the tree, her eyes were misty with delight. So, imagine my surprise when it went for days unopened. Un-played-with. Ignored.

She's smart, that middle one, and I began hypothesizing that she didn't really give a rip about the Easy Bake Oven. My postulations include her "seeing through the myth" and asking for something that she thought there was no way in hell she'd actually receive. (Ah, the telescope last year . . I'm bracing for a pony in only 10 more months!)

I was about to wrap it up and pull one over on Target when . . .

She opened it. She baked. She played. She loves to wear the apron. She's the wielder of the yellow reacher. She's putting out itty bitty cookies and culinary delights at Rachel Ray speed. The oven's been in use for several weeks now. It's the producer of the ultimate after school snack.

Fast forward to today:

And then (I'm postulating again), she craved a bit of variety. She needed to spice things up a bit. She began concocting. She began experimenting. She's altering the water to mix ratios. She's making cookie-cakes and she's trying to make "marble" cakes with rivers of hot lava . . which are really cookie dough.

Oh, here she is . . . . she's brought me a "special brownie . .. it's really cookie mix and chocolate syrup. . . . and I can put whipped cream on it, too . . . let me do that for you . . . be right back." (Yes, I can type at the speed of her speech.)

Mmmmm. The whipped cream is really good.

Points, summary & questions:
1. Is anyone out there the mother of a fellow easy-baker?
2. Are those mixes something special or can I buy a 49 cent yellow cake mix from the dollar store and let her go hog wild??
3. Does this wear off? Or should I strap myself in for a long obsession with Easy-Baking??