Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anybody starting a Christmas List yet?

What are the hot new holiday items for toys?

I'm thinking . . . . (don't roll your eyes art me .. remember I also have 2 December birthdays . . heck a third one coming) -- December requires extensive planning and budgeting for me!!

Can anyone give me the skinny on the Leapster gizmos with the interchangable cartridges? Recommend? Not recommend? Good for quiet? Not so good? Compare/contrast that to the new Ninetendo handheld gizmo . . . . It's rumored to be nice and good for a wide age range -- but I'm not seeing much girl-stuff on the shelves? Any experts out there?

And, if I can return favors .. . I have a few flops from last Christmas .. . I'd be happy to pass along to you!!

The Finished Products . . . Pumpkin ART!!

First she was excited. Then it was gross enough to make her cry!!

Pumpkins and power tools go hand in hand in this household.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How I really feel

Okay, so I'm serioulsy exhausted and a teesie bit overwhelmed from time to time. I'm also generally happy and doing pretty damn good.

I love fetal movement. It's the coolest thing in the whole world. I love playing Name That Bump and pushing back when she gives me a shove. T minus 8 weeks. No, I don't believe I'm quite ready. Adding an infant to our morning routine will be a change .. might be rough . .. but, I'm okay with that.

I really do feel honored. I really do feel blessed. I really am embracing the whole thing.

And . ... for those close to me, and far . . I really do NOT want a shower. Please, no gifts. Please, I'm begging, now . . . . no clothes (can't fault a woman for being honest). Please, no parties. Please, no blankets or any "stuff". If you simply can't honor that, and feel like you MUST send a gift, then (a) go back to top of paragraph and read again. Then, if you still can't comprehend ...send a gift card. I'll need diapers and wipers, butt paste and motrin.

Monday, October 22, 2007

1st snow . . . .

The running pitter patter of feet woke me up yesterday morning. The pitter and patter was accompanied by shouts and yowls, "It snowed!! It snowed!!"

They promised to make coffee for me and pryed me out of bed to the windows, where we tore open the curtain and threw up the sash. And yes, it was true ... new fallen snow.

They waited for hours until mid-morning until they could go outside and play. Ah, hats and mittens, scarves and gloves. Boots, socks ..... they spent time eating snow and making snowmen and snow angels.

I made a pot of chili.

Snow reminds me of one reason we love living here. And for a moment in time yesterday, it almost negated my undercurrent of wishes to move away!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We've named the baby, but we'll call her .. .



Layfolk: That means the fetus is up-side-over. Head under my ribs, fanny down. Frank breech means both fists, both feet and head are all up top; in strong pike position. Last week, I had the pleasure of watching "Frankie" suck both her hands and toes -- all in one ultrasound image.

It's not too late to turn, so all your positive thoughts of fetal up-side-down-ness can please come MY way. Think and say all the thoughts and chants. "Down and out." "Diving head first is fun."

A request from my AL reader for the picture: Dang the luck, I can't get a good shot .... but if I had that scanner I've been wishin' for ... . Anyway -- if I get a good picture this week, I'll give it another try.

In my freezer . . . .

There is a three-pack of frozen mice.

I can hear you gasping. I can see the wind being knocked out of you. "WHY?", I hear you crying.

Here is the answer:

Her name is Dot. She is a California King Snake. She lives in Big's Room, but Middle likes to hold her best.

I'd like to give and share more information, but since the kids and MOTH came charging in with wild excitement on their faces on Sunday afternoon, I've done nothing but shake my head and fight back tears.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This captures my life --

She's gotten so big . . .

I painted this mural in Middle's room when Dora was the coolest. Last week, she informed me that she was "just too big for Dora". She asked me to paint over it.

My lips are pooching out a tad and I'm a bit sad about this request.

I love them growing up. I love them getting big. I do, I do.

But, I am sad to see that she's too much of a grown up for Dora!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

This week in the mind of our super hero addict .. .

He's wearing his Superman pajamas with a white shirt over the top.
He rips the white shirt off as he's running through the house.
He's looking for "a booth" everywhere he goes . . . . closets work well.
In booths and closets, he "changes in".
He calls me Lois.
He calls himself Clark Kent.
He whispers to me that if I (Lois) discover his identity, he'll give me the secret kiss to make me forget.
He wears glasses when he's Clark.
And flip-flops. This is the subtle clue to his identity . . . Flip flops equal Clark. Barefoot equals Superman.
He spouts random Superman trivia. Did you know Superman traveled for 12 years in the baby chamber? Did you know nothing can destroy his "crystal house" . . . . this is the "fortress of solitude." My three year old son says these words: "fortress of solitude."
Every time he says "superman" ... he drops his voice 2 octaves and punches his little wadded up fist up high in the air.

It's adorable. And I love it!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wanted: Clean Glass Baby Food Jars with Lids


Burstin' Buttons

My buttons are burstin' for Big.

Last week, she brought home a simple white paper from school. Simple white paper with big words. Exerpts:

". . . . . to determine if a more challenging curriculum is appropriate ... . demonstrated above grade level skills in reading, higher order thinking and problem solving abilities . . . . enhance their school experience . . . not officially labeled or identified as gifted . . . . meeting with certain students twice per week in addition to homeroom instruction . . .. "

Yeah, I see the NOT officially labeled as gifted line. But the program is called G&T. The teacher is the lead Gifted/Talented Resource Teacher. And . . . the homework that comes home from this "extra time" . .. . well, wow, fellow mammas. NOW, we're talking enrichment.

Still, even if she's NOT gifted. Even if she's NOT talented . . . even if she's a complete knucklehead that pees on the playground and armpit farts with the boys at recess .. . I'm so PROUD!!